The Anonymous People

By Meagan Sulikowski

Anonymous People (2013) is a documentary that was born in the recovery community and produced by renowned recovery advocate, Greg Williams. The message of this film is as relevant today as when it first came to theaters across the country. This documentary talks about the recovery movement, gives a brief overview of available recovery resources and shares some personal stories of people in long-term recovery. Some of the recovery resources covered in this documentary include: recovery community organizations, messaging trainings, and recovery schools. Not only does the viewer get to learn about recovery resources available throughout the country, they also learn how the recovery movement started, its ups and downs and where it’s heading in the future. Through personal stories from people like Kristen Johnston and Tara Conner, stigma and the media’s depiction of substance use and addiction are also addressed throughout this documentary.

Wisconsin Voices for Recovery would love to assist individuals and organizations in setting up screenings this spring and summer across the state of Wisconsin to continue to spread this important message: Recovery is hope! And there are hundreds of thousands of people in recovery in Wisconsin – and we vote!

Meagan is a 2nd year Masters of Social Work student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and intern with Wisconsin Voices for Recovery. In her free time, she is a Jedi Master.